About Prop On Web

Prop On Web is a partnership firm where every team member brings a precise skill and extensive knowledge of sales and marketing to each project. As a team, we specialize in the branding, consulting, marketing and sales of projects which are to be launched, under construction and ready possession. We don’t just work to sell out new developments, we are often brought in to revive the sales of current projects. We can breathe new life into developments where sales have stagnated.

Prop On Web provides comprehensive advisory services which include: strategic collaboration with developers and their architects to ensure optimum space design for each project, the creation of compelling brands, advice on the creation of distinctive and unique marketing materials, and most importantly: intelligent, honest and experienced agents.

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We offer our clients a bouquet of market knowledge and a dedicated team of professionals.  We always believe in giving a value for money services, these services are tailored to suit the requirement of project.

Why Prop On Web

Attention to Detail

When buying a property, potential owners pay attention to every detail of their investment, and you should too. Our detail-oriented process ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is addressed. One detail can derail a decision to purchase, so we cover them

Timely Sales

Going to market too early or too late can be devastating for your project. It can cost you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of rupees. Knowing how to market your pre-sales, when to start, and how aggressively to pursue buyers, are all key parts of our process

Value for money Services

We believe in giving our clients a satisfaction level of “X + 20”. We make sure that entire money spent has to be addressed.

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